Outfall Inspections

The engineers, technicians, and pilots of Ven-Tech Subsea’s ROV team have examined outfall inspections domestically over the last decade. It’s crucial to have adaptable equipment when working in low-light outfall inspection conditions so that it can handle any difficulties. Utilizing our internal underwater robotic facilities and manufacturing shops, our carefully trained and experienced crew customises and tests new ideas. Visionary solutions development and delivery have always been a source of great passion for Ven-Tech Subsea. In order to fix a leak in the Deep Sea Outfall, which is situated in Newfoundland, Ven-Tech Subsea worked on devising and implementing an efficient repair technique in 2020. The site’s environment offered difficulties, such as diving inside the ocean outfall and accurately operating a ROV from a working vessel in waves as high as seven feet. As a result, not only was a new grout mixture created specifically for deep water pipe leak repairs, but also a new application technique for internally fixing deep water pipe breaches that are not dewatered and a visual imaging system to track the repair’s progress. Ven-Tech Subsea collaborates with its clients to manage their systems in a cost- and efficiency-conscious way. During an underwater condition evaluation, our fleet of programmable ROVs equipped with 2D and 3D sonar and high-resolution video may find any irregularities. For our clients, spotting potential issues before they happen is crucial. If there are any problems with conducting a thorough tunnel or pipeline examination, Ven-Tech Subsea is ready to help. This includes gathering data to help with future maintenance programmes and documenting tunnel conditions for regulatory agencies. Data collection can be done with little to no outage needs thanks to remote intervention techniques. For more than 10 years, Ven-Tech Subsea has offered inspection, maintenance, and repair services to clients in the commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors as well as the oil and gas industry.  To find out more, call us right away. Click here for a video of some of our recent jobs future on CBC News!https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1296656451626

Effective underwater maintenance and repair plan depends on accurate data

We frequently hear the phrase “ageing infrastructure” these days. Our infrastructure is under strain from a number of factors, including climate change, rising urbanisation, and environmental dangers like 100-year weather events, which have a 1% chance of occurring. In order to monitor and maintain the structural integrity of underwater infrastructure including dams, tunnels and pipelines, intakes and outfalls, piers, and …