Vancouver Diving Services

Vancouver Diving Services Provider

Our Vancouver diving services provider team is made of a group of highly trained, experienced certified divers and are all WCB/CSA certified. We are experienced in the many challenges involved with inspection, maintenance/ repair and construction diving, including;

  • confined spacesVancouver Diving Services Provider
  • pipe penetrations
  • dams
  • rivers
  • low or no visibility
  • deep waters
  • biological hazards
  • contaminated environments and liquids other than water.

Ven-Tech Subsea provides a complete range of commercial diving and inspection, repair and maintenance services to clients in the oil and gas, shipping, defense and marine infrastructure industries. We are a Vancouver diving services provider and specialize in underwater maintenance services such as cutting, welding, drilling, coring, concreting, non destructive testing, high pressure water blasting, photography and video among many others.


Importance of a Vancouver Diving Services Provider

As we all know, Vancouver hosts one of Canada’s most beautiful sceneries with both the ocean, mountains and rain forests. That is why Vancouver diving services providers like Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections is so important to protecting the integrity of our natural environment.

Our specialist divers are highly certified and trained to complete underwater projects that not only protect our environment, but help you protect your underwater assets.

**Click this link for a video of some of our recent jobs featured on CBC NEWS!!!**

To learn more about our Commercial Diving Services, CALL Ven-Tech Subsea today at 604.230.3022 or Email us!!!,


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