Underwater Construction Team

Underwater Contractors Vancouver Canada

Underwater Contractors Vancouver Canada

Underwater Contractors Vancouver Canada

There are four main questions every client has to ask them selves before hiring underwater contractors Vancouver Canada.

First, does the company have Workers’ Compensation Clearance certificates with Work Safe BC?

Secondly, does the company have Liability insurance?

Thirdly, does the company supply you with a copy of the Notice of Project form from Work Safe BC ?

Finally, does the company have full time divers on staff?

If the answer is YES to all of these four questions, you’ve found great underwater contractors Vancouver Canada and Ven-Tech Subsea is the answer!

Our Team is made up of a group of the BEST Underwater Contractors Vancouver Canada has to offer. They are highly trained, experienced certified divers and are all WCB/CSA certified. We are experienced in the many challenges involved with inspection and maintenance diving, including; confined spaces, pipe penetrations, dams, rivers, low or no visibility, deep waters, biological hazards, contaminated environments and liquids other than water. We offer diving services using commercial scuba, surface supply diving and can use mixed gases and rebreathers as required.

We perform tasks for clients with a very broad range of assets including; Marinas, wharfs, docks, potable water systems, seawater desalination plants, jetties, pontoons, bridges, walls and dams, pipelines, water tanks, mines, Hulls of ships, underwater structures and eco marine environments. Our diving services are available to both the Inshore and Offshore sectors alike. Underwater Inspection Vancouver area services are now available. To get a better understanding of what your subsea assets really look like, contact Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections today.

We are Work Safe BC Compliant and $5,000,000 Insured.

**Click this link for a video of some of our recent jobs featured on CBC NEWS!!!**

CALL us at 604.230.3022 or Email us the professional team at Ven-Tech Subsea today to learn more about our Commercial Diving Services!!!

Underwater Contractors Vancouver Canada

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