Underwater burning and cutting

Underwater burning and cutting is a specialized technique used in the field of underwater welding and construction. It involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to burn and cut through underwater materials, such as metal and concrete.

One common method of underwater burning is the use of oxy-acetylene torches. These torches use a combination of oxygen and acetylene gas to create a high temperature flame that can cut through underwater materials. The flame is directed at the material using a hand-held torch, and the cutting process is aided by the use of a guide, such as a jig or template, to ensure precision cuts.

Underwater burning and cutting
Underwater burning and cutting

Another method of underwater cutting is the use of electric arc torches. These torches use an electric current to generate a high temperature plasma arc, which can cut through materials by melting and vaporizing them. These torches are often used in deeper water, as they are more powerful than oxy-acetylene torches and can cut through thicker materials.

Both oxy-acetylene and electric arc torches require specialized training and safety precautions to use safely. Divers must be trained in the proper use and handling of the equipment, as well as the proper use of protective gear, such as diving helmets and gloves.

Underwater burning and cutting is a critical skill in the field of underwater construction and welding. It allows divers to cut and shape underwater materials, such as metal pipes and concrete structures, to fit the needs of a particular project. It is an important tool in the maintenance and repair of underwater structures, as well as in the construction of new underwater structures.

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