Specialist Access Services

Specialist Access Services

Specialist Access Services can be provided to allow for scheduled and unplanned maintenance during plant operation and decommissioning. We pioneered the use of plastic modular pontoons to allow floating access during cooling pond decommissioning.

The system allows for pontoons to be constructed to the plan shape of the sectioned cooling pond. This maximizes floatation and minimizes movement. Handrail posts were fabricated to accept a proprietary handrail and toe board system to prevent workers from falling overboard and to minimize the risk of dropped objects falling into the pond.

On completion of the works, the fact that the entire system was plastic means that the floats can be pressure washed and placed into storage for future use by the decommissioning teams. (Specialist Access Services)

We always aspire to deliver a “Hands-On” service approach to all our diving contracts! Our business is based on personal contact and service to our clients. With our specialized teamwork of well-trained professional divers and superior equipment, we can deliver turnkey underwater solutions.

Our professional team is made of a group of highly trained, experienced certified divers and are all WCB/CSA certified. In addition, all our divers are certified and experienced Dive Medic Technicians, they are trained in advanced dive medicine and are able to manage anything from a Burst Lung to an Arterial Gas Embolism to severe Decompression Sickness.

Our extensive experience, state of the art equipment, technology and unprecedented safety record is what sets us apart from any of the other diving contractor in Canada!