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ROV Services VancouverROV Services Alberta

A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is mobile underwater vehicle that can be equipped with multiple electronic survey systems to aide in an inspection. They can be outfitted with HD video systems and sonar imaging equipment to navigate and collect valuable information.

From ROVs on civil inspections to heavy work class ROVs with extensive tooling packages on deepwater projects, we have the resources to suit your needs.ROV Services VancouverROV Services Alberta

These vehicles are ideal for inspections, confined spaces, deep water inspections, or deployment in any condition unsafe for diver entry.

The use of an ROV system can dramatically reduce inspection costs while eliminating the risks associated with the use of divers to complete the task.

ROVs can inspect various sub-sea assets  and other subsea equipment in water depths where divers cannot operate, whilst manipulators and intervention tools enable them to carry out task specific project requirements at depths as great as 4000 metres.

Ven-Tech Subsea provides high quality, extensive, portable and rapidly deployable ROV inspection services to:

  • offshore oil and gas
  • potable water reservoirs/tanks
  • pipelines
  • overseas communication cables
  • ships
  • anchor and chain recovery
  • sewer outfalls
  • mine tailing outfalls
  • dams throughout Canada and the USA
  • both inshore and offshore.

ROV Services VancouverROV Services BC

Get in touch with our ROV Services Alberta team to ensure your project gets completed in the most efficient, safe and economical way possible. Not all divers are certified to perform ROV Services and that is why Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections only recruits the highest class of certified divers/ROV Technicians for your ROV project.

We provide a wide range of ROVs and tooling to support inshore and offshore operations. Call us today for more information about our services!

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