Pipeline Inspection Vancouver Island

Pipe Inspection Services
Pipeline Inspection Vancouver Island

Pipeline Inspection Vancouver Island

Pipeline networks are some of the most crucial transportation infrastructure in the world that people around the world rely on every day.

While these assets are essential in keeping society operating, improperly managed pipelines can lead to asset failure or even hazardous conditions for the environment and communities nearby.

Ven-Tech Subsea offers pipe inspection services nation wide (Canada). With several pipe crawlers to chose from, we can inspect both existing and new construction piping of diameters as small as 1.5”.

Our crawlers are equipped with pan, tilt and zoom cameras with unique design that gives a clear image and easily identifies any damage during the survey. These crawlers are coupled with powerful report software that synchronizes written notes, diagrams, and video feed to produce a detailed and comprehensive report that is sure to satisfy any customer or regulatory agency. Pipeline Inspection Vancouver Island

Pipe Inspection Services
Pipeline Inspection Sunshine Coast

This technology allows CPS to pinpoint problems and its exact location before they turn into costly breaks or blockages. It also can assist new construction by inspecting for possible flaws prior to final completion. These videos are then turned over to our clients to have on hand for future references.

For inspections in smaller piping we also offer inspection services utilizing a snake camera/push cam. This camera can be easily maneuvered around turns and bends all the while sending a live video feed back to be analyzed and saved. This can help identify a problem area and focus repair efforts exactly where they are needed.

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Pipe Inspection

From storm water sewers, sewage pipes, potable water systems, contaminated and hazardous environments, Ven-Tech Subsea has you covered.

-Sewer and storm drains
-Hydroelectric pipe and infrastructure
-Steam headers
-Tanks and pressure vessels
-Oil & gas refineries and pipelines
-Pulp and paper

**Click this link for a video of some of our recent jobs featured on CBC NEWS!!!**

To get a better understanding of what your assets really look like, contact Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections today.

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