Oil and Gas Diving

Ven-Tech Subsea provides services to the oil and gas industry as a subcontractor working for specialist service providers. We are gaining a reputation for providing cost-effective engineered solutions both subsea and topside to a growing overseas client base. (Oil and Gas Diving)

Ven-Tech Subsea commitment to health, safety, and quality management has meant that the transition into the oil and gas sector has been possible. The continued assessment and improvement of these standards and the ongoing training of our staff and updating of equipment will see us continue to expand our role in the industry.

We always aspire to deliver a “Hands On” service approach to all our diving contracts! Our business is based on personal contact and service to our clients. With our specialized teamwork of well-trained professional divers and superior equipment, we can deliver turnkey underwater solutions. (Oil and Gas Diving)

Our professional team is made of a group of highly trained, experienced certified divers and are all WCB/CSA certified. In addition, all our divers are certified and experienced Dive Medic Technicians, they are trained in advanced dive medicine and are able to manage anything from a Burst Lung to an Arterial Gas Embolism to severe Decompression Sickness.

Our extensive experience, state of the art equipment, technology and unprecedented safety record is what sets us apart from any of the other diving contractor in Canada!