Potable Water Reservoir Inspections Services

Water Reservoir Inspection Services

Water Reservoir Inspection Services : Ven-Tech Subsea can perform various comprehensive inspections, cleaning and maintenance in potable water reservoirs for various industries.

Access to clean potable water is essential to the survival and well being of a community. In order to protect and preserve this resource regular maintenance is a necessary step.  Ven-Tech Subsea offers a comprehensive lineup of potable water services to ensure that your potable water systems & storage facilities are safe and functioning properly. (Water Reservoir Inspection Services)

The first step to ensuring a clean supply of potable water is by scheduling regular inspections of your potable water storage tank(s). In accordance with the regulations potable water storage tanks need to be inspected at intervals of no greater than 5 years. Thorough inspections will identify important factors such as sediment collection, leaks, intrusions, and corrosion as well as indicate if your water source is subject to other issues such as rapid sedimentation. Ven-Tech Subsea offers camera inspections, ROV inspections, and potable water diving diver inspections for all of your potable storage tank inspection needs. (Potable Water Reservoir Inspections)

In addition to regular inspections, routine cleanings are also an important step in maintaining a potable water facility. Even minor sediment accumulation along the tank floor can lead to problems such as corrosion and bacteria buildup which can have an adverse effect on the water quality within a facility. Ven-Tech Subsea has experience cleaning on-grade, below grade, clearwell, pedestal, standpipe, and tower potable water storage facilities. All of our in-tank cleaning equipment is fully disinfected according to regulations and is reserved for use solely in potable water storage systems.

Inspections can be recorded with live audio from the diver for later review or still color photos can be taken for a full report. We can also clean all sediments inside water tanks and reservoirs, while scrubbing clean all bio-films. After cleaning, a full inspection and possible repairs are performed.
Water Reservoir Inspection Services

Water Reservoir Inspection Services


Water Reservoir Inspection Services

Ven-Tech Subsea owns and uses the required dry diving suits and sterile equipment that is compulsory to this specialized type of diving. All our commercial divers chosen for these projects are at minimum, certified by CSA standards and are trained exceeding confined space certification requirements.

For your potable water reservoir inspection services, fire suppression water storage tanks also have a requirement for inspection.

Ongoing certification is necessary and typically requires divers to provide photographic evidence with their reports and NDT services; of which commercial diving services are qualified to provide. We also have the equipment to clean fire suppression tank floors from silt build-up using our portable vacuum system.

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