We have qualified and experienced Marine Ecologists, Marine Biologists and Maritime Archaeologist on staff, offering a high level of experience to any environmental project.
Ven-Tech Subsea Environmental has developed safe practical methods of data and sample collection.  We have a wide range of monitoring equipment to support our work.
Our Team is made of a group of highly trained, experienced certified divers and are all WCB/CSA certified.
We offer environmental diving services using commercial scuba, surface supply diving and can use Mixed Gases and re-breathers as required.
Underwater Inspection Vancouver
Scientific Diving
Vancouver Underwater Inspection
Environmental Monitoring
Greater Vancouver Underwater Inspection Services
Marine Permits


-Hydrographic -Underwater Photography/ Video -Shoreline Profiling -Pre and Post Dredging


-Benthic Sediment -Pore Water Sampling -Underwater Sediment -Core Sampling

Physical Works

-Treatment of Wood for Fungal and Insect Infestations -Timber, Steel and Concrete Pile Restoration


Development Permits -NWPA Permits -Dredging Permits -Fisheries Act Authorization -Disposal at Sea Permits

Our team of professional divers are trained in underwater/ marine construction, underwater civil engineering, salvage/ recovery, underwater inspections and demolition services nationwide and are available for any marine or underwater project at a moments notice.

Our extensive experience above and below the water, state of the art equipment, technology and unprecedented safety record is what sets us apart from any of the other contractor in Canada.


Our QHSE Policy & Strategic Objectives

Ven-Tech Subsea believes that Safety, Health and Environmental protection is an essential part of professional management. The Management of Ven-Tech Subsea places the utmost emphasis on Safety of Human Life and Protection of the Natural Environment. These concerns must "ALWAYS" take precedence over all commercial considerations

The company's main principles, goals and objectives:

At all times Ven-Tech Subsea will conduct operations in compliance with International Best Practice Standards and Local & Provincial laws and regulations.

Continuously improvement in safety management skills, including preparing for emergencies related both to Safety, Health and Environmental protection.

Provision of safe practices and a safe system of work. Controlling occupational health hazards in our activities. Establish safeguards against all identified risks.
Placing emphasis on human development and training.

Our employees as well as partners, contractors and their employees are required to comply at ALL TIMES with our Policy, Procedures and Work Instructions. They must all take the necessary precautions to protect themselves, their colleagues, work sites, equipment and the environment.

To achieve our goals and objectives:

Our Safety Management System has been developed over many years, which is based on experience and internal audits, the system is reviewed on a yearly basis during the management review to verify its continuing effectiveness.

The company gives priority to its Safety Management System, it stresses that standards can only be met with the total commitment of every individual within the organization.

On a yearly basis, goals and objectives will be defined during the management review. The method for achieving these goals and objectives as well as the system by which the achievement will be monitored will be specified in an action plan.


Our Trusted Partners

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