Underwater Drone Services

Underwater Drone Services

Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections is a Canadian based commercial diving company, specializing in Underwater Drone Services, underwater inspections, underwater construction and marine maintenance/repair. Their team of professional divers provide underwater/marine construction, underwater civil engineering, salvage/recovery, underwater inspections and demolition services nationwide. Commercial Diving Services

Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections performs tasks for clients with a very broad range of assets including; marinas, municipalities, oil and gas sector, wharfs, docks, potable water systems, seawater desalination plants, jetties, pontoons, bridges, walls and dams, pipelines, water tanks, mines, hulls of ships, underwater structures, Underwater Drone Services and eco marine environments.

Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections’s extensive certifications paired with their unprecedented safety record and experienced dive team sets them apart from the rest. Delivering turnkey underwater solutions with their hands on approach is Ven-Tech Subsea’s specialty. 

Underwater Drone Services
Underwater Drone Services

USE OF THE DTG3 for Underwater Drone Services Commercial Diving Services

The DTG3 is a mini observation-class underwater ROV built to provide operators the ability to quickly deploy and visually inspect within underwater environments. Equipped with a camera and high efficiency LED lights, the battery powered vehicle is well suited to a variety of underwater tasks. 

“The DTG3 has totally changed our day to day operations of our company,” exclaimed Dewald. “We have used the DTG3 for several jobs such as initial dive site inspections, potable water reservoir inspections, soil/water samples for analysis, and dive support for our commercial divers and our commercial diving projects. Everything about this unit has truly blown us away at Ven-Tech Subsea, it’s truly a must have tool to add and to have for any commercial diving company.”

The DTG3 is well suited to working with commercial dive teams. From pre and post dive evaluations to dive monitoring to taking on jobs in dangerous conditions, the DTG3 is a versatile tool for divers. 

“Before we had the DTG3 we were using a previous ROV that was extremely bulky, slow in the water and slow to deploy. It was hard to control and needed a minimum of 2 people to operate,” said Dewald. “The DTG3 solved all of these problems for us and allowed us to properly use a ROV. We use all of its advantages on a day-to-day basis, where in the past we only used our old ROV on special occasions because of all the downsides of using a unit of that size.”


“The DTG3 has several things that stand out for us,” detailed Dewald. “One of them being the simplicity of being able to set up/deploy and use the ROV. It is super easy to use the system and controls – we were blown away on how little training you needed to use this system. It is the best plug and play we have ever seen and the simplicity of getting the unit in the water has saved a lot of time and money for our clients.” 

The modular design of the DTG3 allows for a variety of add-ons to create a truly customized vehicle. “We love the plug and play features of the ROV. The fact that everything fits into one case is amazing,” noted Dewald. “We love the manipulator with all the attachments that it came with when we purchased the manipulator bundle pack. We have used the water and sediment sampler several times and we have also used the callipers to measure hardware underwater. Furthermore, we have also used the laser scaler for measuring pipes and other underwater objects.”

In addition to creating useful add-on tools, it is important to the Deep Trekker team that these tools can be easily used out on the field. Dewald touched on the ease of swapping out add-ons, “Another thing we really liked about the ROV is how easy it was to add and remove attachments and additional equipment to the unit.”

Underwater Drone Services
Underwater Drone Services


Divers and ROVs make a perfect team. Working together, divers and ROVs can maximize safety, budget and efficiency. Commercial Diving Services

“The DTG3 has increased safety for our employees and divers dramatically because we are able to splash the ROV and make sure the dive site is safe before splashing the diver,” explained Dewald. “This has allowed us to have a look at this site before splashing the Diver which allows us to see if it’s safe and allows us to properly plan. The ROV has enabled us to make proper topside decisions before sending the diver in. This has also sped up our productivity and efficiency when completing a job.”

Diver safety is paramount. Utilizing the DTG3, the Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections team can ensure that dive sites are thoroughly vetted and deemed safe for human divers. In addition to inspecting sites and planning dives, the DTG3 can be used for visual inspection in situations where it is too dangerous for a person to enter the water. 

“Obviously one of the big advantages with this ROV is that we are able to deploy it in almost any condition or environment,” Dewald said. “We can have it do an inspection in an area that would be dangerous to send a human being into such as deep water, pipe penetrations and hazardous environments that have Delta-P (differential pressure)in the area. The DTG3 totally takes the safety issue out of the equation.”


The DTG3 was designed to be portable and easy to deploy. At 8.5kg (18.7lbs) the ROV is easy to transport to a variety of jobs. Battery tubes under 100whr also allow for transport on both passenger and cargo aircraft. This ease of transportation allows dive teams, like Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections, to maximize their travel budgets. 

“Another thing that we really liked about the ROV is the fact that everything you need for the ROV fits in one pelican case for transport. This has saved us tremendously on long trips where we have to book flights and pay additional money for the additional cargo that we fly with. But with the DTG3 this has cut away that additional financial expense on extra cargo,” Dewald explained. 

The use of an ROV has also allowed the Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections team to maximize their budget in terms of employees needed on each job site. “We only have to send out one ROV pilot to do a job instead of the usual 2-3 man crew we sent out in the past with our old bulky ROV. This has saved a lot of money for our clients,” shared Dewald. 

Finally, the quick deployment of the DTG3 allows the Ven-Tech Subsea Inspection team to make the most of their time to optimize efficiencies.“In the past it would have taken about 30 to 60 minutes to get a dive station set up and to get a diver in the water to do a quick inspection,” noted Dewald. “With the DTG3 we are able to deploy the ROV within two minutes which has saved so much time and money, not only for us but for our clients as well.”


At Deep Trekker we pride ourselves on empowering our customers. We are proud to put the support of the entire Deep Trekker team behind every vehicle.

“5 out of 5 stars!!! The customer service is phenomenal!” said Dewald. “From day one Christianne from Deep Trekker was there to answer all of our questions and concerns and helped us with everything we needed to know about the DTG3 before purchase. Even after our purchase she followed upon with us to make sure we were happy with the purchase which is unheard of in our industry. This meant a lot to us to know that we have someone at Deep Trekker who is there whenever we need them for help or for another purchase.”

“We look forward to our next purchase with Deep trekker and we will continue to follow them closely as it seem that Deep trekker is leading the ROV industry with their amazing inventions! Thank you very much Christianne and Deep Trekker for all of your help and support,” shared Dewald. Commercial Diving Services

The Deep Trekker team sincerely thanks Dewald and his team for their time and effort.