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 A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is mobile underwater vehicle that can be equipped with multiple electronic survey systems to aide in an inspection. They can be outfitted with HD video systems and sonar imaging equipment to navigate and collect valuable information.
The use of an ROV system can dramatically reduce inspection costs while eliminating the risks associated with the use of  divers to complete the task. (These vehicles are ideal for inspections, confined spaces, deep water inspections, or deployment in any condition unsafe for diver entry.
We provide a wide range of ROVs and tooling to support inshore and offshore operations.
From ROVs on civil inspections to heavy work class ROVs with extensive tooling packages on deepwater projects, we have the resources to suit your needs. ROV/Pipe Crawler Services)

Observation Class ROV


Our DTG3 Expert remotely operated vehicle is rated to 656ft of depth and offers a 2000M long tether,  grabber to retrieve objects or manipulate tools, extra lighting and a laser scaler for estimating object sizes. With the added manipulator arm, advanced sensor technology, and laser scaler, this ROV is truly prepared to tackle your underwater project.

Our DTG3 is prepared for any scenario that your project may throw at us with the Manipulator Bundle for the ROV’s Two Function Grabber. This includes interchangeable measuring and sampling tools and manipulators for different sizes and shapes of objects such as:

  • Interlocking Jaws
  • Tri-Jaw
  • Calipers
  • Sediment Samplers
  • Water Samplers

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Light Working Class ROV

Our REVOLUTION is the most intuitive and stable ROV for underwater surveys and inspections, built tough to survive harsh underwater conditions to accomplish complex missions. The revolving head provides unmatched flexibility for key attachments, allowing  to rotate imaging sonar, ultra high definition camera and grabber to get the optimal angle depending on the task at hand.

Our REVOLUTION has advanced autonomous stabilization and position tracking features. Allowing operators the ability to station hold against currents and pilot their vehicle precisely and accurately through varying water conditions. Post-dive, we take the recorded GPX data alongside our video and share them with our customer or team.

Speed3.5 Knots
EquipmentMultibeam Sonar, Sidescan Sonar, Grabber Arms
Depth Rating305 m (1000 ft)
Body MaterialAnodized Machined Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, & Buoyancy Foam
System Voltage21.6 VDC
Window MaterialSapphire & Acrylic
Battery Run TimeUp to 6 Hours (30-sec Battery Change)
Operating Temperature-10°C to 50°C (14°F – 122°F)

Working Class ROV

Our H300 MK2 is a man portable and compact size remotely controlled vehicle (ROV) for subsea operations up to 300m depth.
In its basic version, it is already equipped with a high performance viewing system; furthermore, its modular design permits the easy incorporation of options such as  a wide range of sonar, manipulator arms,  tools and any type of sensors. 


Standard viewing system includes a 10x  zoom color TV camera  which is  mounted on a full pan/tilt unit providing a panoramic viewing of the environment without having to turn the ROV around ; and since strong LED lights are also mounted on the P/T, they follow the movements of the camera, securing optimum lighting. A full HD camera version is available as option.


A 5-function electric manipulator arm can be installed on a skid underneath the ROV.

H300-MK2’s lightweight makes it easy to handle and launch.

Designed to be flexible to fit any customer requirements, H300-MK2’s unique architecture benefits from easy access to all sub-systems, making it easy of maintenance.

A single and ergonomic control unit allows the control of both ROV and additional equipment. The umbilical cable is housed on a manual winch, easy to transport, and equipped with a slip ring assembly.
Pipeline Repairs diving

Low-Visibility Operations

Cameras and diver’s eyes often are unable to effectively search due to poor visibility underwater. An imaging sonar is the best tool to then reidentify the target, since oftentimes side scan data does not produce an exact location (so navigating back to the potential target can be difficult). Once the target is reidentified, the sonar can be used to continue to track the target as you move closer, and when you get close enough, it can even be used to perform the visual verification.

Our Oculus M-series multibeam sonars are a new generation of imaging sonar, designed for use across a wide variety of underwater applications.

Their small form factor makes them ideally suited for deployment onto micro sized ROV platforms, while their rugged construction also makes them an excellent choice for larger work-class vehicles and subsea infrastructure.

Toyoto RAV4 4x4 Car Underwater

Our ROV services are available to both the Inshore and Offshore sectors alike. We perform tasks for clients with a very broad range of assets including; marinas, municipalities, oil and gas sector, wharfs, docks, potable water systems, seawater desalination plants, jetties, pontoons, bridges, walls and dams, pipelines, water tanks, mines, hulls of ships, underwater structures and eco marine environments.

Pipe Crawler Inspection Services

Pipe Inspection Services

Along with our ROV services, Ven-Tech Subsea also provides a wide range of robotic CCTV crawlers for the inspection any pipe of any size.
From storm water sewers, sewage pipes, potable water systems, contaminated and hazardous environments, Ven-Tech Subsea has you covered.
-Sewer and storm drains
– Hydroelectric pipe and infrastructure
– Steam headers
– Tanks and pressure vessels
– Oil & gas refineries and pipelines
– Pulp and paper
– Mining
To get a better understanding of what your subsea assets really look like, contact Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections today. (ROV/Pipe Crawler Services)

Commercial Pipe Video Inspection

Our Pearpoint’s P350 pipe inspection system features a durable, modular system that is capable of centered inspections in large pipes, but is also highly portable for easy transport.

  • Offers an advanced powered drum — with up to 1000 meters of cable
  • features ultra-bright LEDs and high-resolution cameras built on a powerful digital video platform
  • A wide choice of wheels, elevators and tires optimize the down-hole equipment to suit the pipe network being surveyed, enabling the P350 to inspect pipes as narrow as 4” / 100mm all the way up to 60” / 1500mm

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Pipe Inspection Services

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 11.33.25 AM

Our Versatrax 150 is a modular, long range internal pipe inspection system capable of operation within a variety of pipe sizes from a minimum internal diameter of 300mm/12 in. Our  Versatrax units are configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation. The vehicles are adjustable for a range of pipe diameters.

  • Clutched tracks for easy retrieval
  • Intuitive controls for ease of operation
  • Long range inspections up to 1500 ft.
  • Pan Tilt and Zoom high resolution color camera option for 360 views and close-ups
  • Waterproof to 30 m / 100 feet

    Sewer and storm drains/Hydroelectric pipe and infrastructure/Steam headers/Tanks and pressure vessels/Oil & gas refineries and pipelines/Pulp and paper/Mining.

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Pipeline/ Tank/ Reservoir Inspection

Pipeline/Tank/Reservoir Inspections

Suitable for pipe sizes from 150mm, our Mini-Cam Proteus Crawler Camera is capable of traveling up to 200m via our manual cable reel and is able to perform detailed visual inspections thanks to the 360 ° Pan & Rotate, Forward, and Rear Facing Camera Heads.

The Proteus system is robust, lightweight, durable and able to operate in harsh working conditions.

Providing high resolution, color JPEG images and MPEG videos, the Proteus operates with a 360 ° Pan & Rotate camera head which has an endless rotation and +/- 135 º panning range. The crawler body also has a manual extension arm which raises the camera about 120mm from its usual position.

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Remote inspection services Alberta

Hazardous Surveillance and Inspection

A premier surveillance and inspection tool, the GuardianS magnetic robotic crawler is uniquely capable, cost-effective and man-portable, weighing approximately 16 lbs. The robot can reliably traverse challenging terrain and facilitate two-way, real-time video, voice and data communication, all from a safe distance.

This robot performs ongoing observation and investigation of dangerous environments to keep its operator out of harm’s way.


Boiler visual inspection – first look leak identification/Coal Transport Systems/Coal and Silo Bunkers/Economizer-Back pass/Tool and debris retrieval/Hi energy pipe inspection/Circulating water piping/Remote scanning and 3D image capture/Steam drums/Steam lines/Tank & vessel inspections.

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Inspections/ Surveys

4K Video Inspections, 3D Surveys, CP, UT and other Tooling

Search & Recovery

Marine Salvage, Recovery Operations, Search and Rescue

Construction Services

Cable laying, offshore oil and gas, pipelines, Outfalls & Intakes

Multi-year Subsurface Maintenance Programs

IMR (Inspection, Maintenance and Repair)

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NFPA Inspection services
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AWWA inspections and cleaning services


Our Team is made of a group of highly trained, experienced certified divers and are all WCB/CSA certified. We are experienced in the many challenges involved with inspection and maintenance diving, including; confined spaces, pipe penetrations, Dams, Rivers, low or no visibility, deep waters, biological hazards, contaminated environments and liquids other than water.


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