Recently, Ven-Tech Subsea provided detailed WATER INTAKE SERVICES of a power plant’s underwater intake/discharge structures.

Significant sediment deposits and blockage of the underwater intakes and discharges were discovered. 

Ven-Tech Subsea provided diver-assisted hydraulic dredging, removing more than 3,000 cubic yards of accumulated debris from this cooling water intake system and infrastructure.  VTS’s diver-assisted hydraulic dredging operation continues to be a major service provided by VTS’s at critical power plant generation locations. 

Divers hydraulically dredged debris, which was pumped one-half mile through a series of pipelines and booster pumps, to an onsite sediment processing and dewatering location. Regulatorily classified as “non-contaminated” heavy mud, sand and mussels, the debris was mechanically dewatered for subsequent management by the client.  

VTS’s 2020 acquisition of Underwater Mineral Processing Services enables turnkey sediment removal, mechanical / Geotextile tube dewatering, and process water treatment, all under a single VTS task order.  WATER INTAKE SERVICES


Our commercial diving service teams throughout Canada complete many various-sized, diver-assisted dredging jobs, year after year,”“from small, municipality-owned surface water intake structures located in the Great Lakes, to large power plants and industrial sites requiring significant amounts of cooling or processing water.”

While each diver-assisted dredging project performed at a power plant or an industrial site has the same basic elements, each site requires specific logistical planning that VTS can readily accommodate.  

Specific details on dredging, diving schedules and logistics, slurry pipe transport, booster pumps and sediment processing are always unique from site to site.  VTS reviews each project independently and can provide bench-scale sediment dewatering testing on a client’s representative sample. 

VTS’s focus is on project safety that maximizes production and is the most economic choice for each customer. WATER INTAKE SERVICES

For over 10 years, with offices through out Canada, Ven-Tech Subsea has continued to deliver expert support to the power generation, marine construction, and manufacturing industries. VTS provides a myriad of underwater commercial diving services to a diverse customer base with global response capabilities.

For more information, please contact our Ven-Tech Subsea Service teams at 604-230-3022 to discuss cooling water intake cleaning diving services or any diver assisted dredging needs your facility may require.

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