Underwater Pipelines Vancouver

Pipeline Construction Divers are professional divers who are directly involved in the construction and repair of pipelines and structures associated with the production of offshore oil and gas. They are often boilermakers and welders who have become professional divers and taken their trades underwater. Pipeline Construction Divers are also employed in routine inspections of pipelines and structures and non-destructive testing.

Underwater Pipelines Vancouver

Onshore Divers and Offshore Saturation Divers

Pipeline Construction Divers cover a spectrum of underwater pipeline work that can include onshore diving (diving in no more than 30 meters of water with the air supply supplied from the surface) to saturation diving, which is the most qualified type of diving and diving to depths of 300 meters or more and working in underwater chambers or bells usually for scientific research or maintenance of deep underwater structures.

Ven-Tech Subsea Inspections is a Canadian based commercial diving company, specializing in Underwater Inspections/Non Destructive Testing and Underwater Construction. Our team of professional divers provide underwater/marine construction, underwater civil engineering, salvage/recovery, underwater inspections and demolition services nationwide and are available for any marine or underwater project at a moments notice.

Click this link for a video of some of our recent jobs featured on CBC NEWS!

Underwater Pipelines Vancouver

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