Diving Contractors Vancouver Canada

Diving Contractors Vancouver Canada

Our commercial diving services are available to both the inshore and offshore sectors nationwide – Diving Contractors Vancouver Canada. Contact us to today about our other diving services.

Diving Contractors Vancouver Canada

Our team of highly trained and certified divers is equipped to perform a wide range of diving operations.

Ven-Tech Subsea has extensive experience in demolition, including steel, concrete and timber demolition projects of wharfs, piers and jetties in both salt and freshwater environments. Demolition methods include hydro demolition, underwater cutting using Broco thermal lance, underwater chainsaw, demolition saws, jack hammers and explosives.

Ven-Tech Subsea staff are highly competent in these activities and come from a range of backgrounds including steel fabrication, wharf carpentry and demolition.

Diving Contractors Vancouver Canada should be able to provide you the following services that our divers are professionally trained in:

Diving Contractors Vancouver Canada

  • Wharf demolition: Concrete & timber
  • Steel demolition
  • Piers and jetties in both salt & freshwater environments
  • Hydro demoltion
  • Underwater cutting with thermal lance
  • Underwater chainsaw
  • Jack hammers & explosives

If your diving contractor is not certified to provide you these services, get in touch with Ven-Tech Subsea to discuss how we can help you manage your underwater assets.

**Click this link for a video of some of our recent jobs featured on CBC NEWS!!!**

To learn more about our Commercial Diving Services, CALL Ven-Tech Subsea today at 604.230.3022 or Email us!!!,

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