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Access to clean potable water is essential to the survival and well being of a community, and in order to protect and preserve this resource regular maintenance is a necessary step.  Ven-Tech Subsea offers a comprehensive lineup of potable water services to ensure that your potable water systems & storage facilities are safe and functioning properly.

The first step to ensuring a clean supply of potable water is by scheduling regular inspections of your potable water storage tank(s). In accordance with the regulations,  potable water storage tanks need to be inspected at intervals of no greater than 5 years. Thorough inspections will identify important factors such as sediment collection, leaks, intrusions, and corrosion as well as indicate if your water source is subject to other issues such as rapid sedimentation. Ven-Tech Subsea offers camera inspections, ROV inspections, and potable water diving diver inspections for all of your potable storage tank inspection needs.

In addition to regular inspections, routine cleanings are also an important step in maintaining a potable water facility. Even minor sediment accumulation along the tank floor can lead to problems such as corrosion and bacteria buildup which can have an adverse effect on the water quality within a facility. Ven-Tech Subsea has experience cleaning on-grade, below grade, clearwell, pedestal, standpipe, and tower potable water storage facilities. All of our in-tank cleaning equipment is fully disinfected according to regulations and is reserved for use solely in potable water storage systems.

Potable water services inspections and tank cleanings are important steps towards maintaining your potable water facility. These steps will also help to identify when additional maintenance or repairs may be needed. Common issues that are often uncovered through the inspection and cleaning process include deterioration of the tank coating, leaks, intrusions, and damaged or faulty components such as tank valves and intakes. The professional team of potable divers at Ven-Tech Subsea is qualified and capable of performing a wide range of potable water maintenance and repair services often without affecting the function of the facility or draining the water supply.

When you contract with Ven-Tech Subsea you can count on us to provide you with a detailed inspection and cleaning report as well as a comprehensive checklist of the condition and maintenance requirements of all interior tank components. Our trained team of potable divers will remove sand, sediment, lime, and silt from your storage system and ensure that your potable water facility is functioning safely and effectively. If you have questions regarding the maintenance of your potable water facility, contact our team to learn more about how our potable water services can help you maintain your potable water system.

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